I had the pleasure of working alongside all disciplines at Criterion Games during the development of Battlefield's Battle Royale, Firestorm.
Over the course of the project I was responsible for the FX on multiple areas, but my main focus was the Firestorm. The final piece went through multiple iterations before it became what it is today, but my goal was to create a realistic and believable enclosing circle that would both look and feel good in all areas of the map.  Additionally, I made an optimized effect asset that would work at every possible scenario of the game.
The video goes through a breakdown of the effect and how it looks and behaves in-game when you are inside and outside the Firestorm.
Thanks to the teams at Criterion, DICE and EA Shanghai that worked on Firestorm.
And a special thanks to my two favorite engineers Angel Munoz Berbel and Matthew Patterson for helping me achieve this by making the Firestorm align with the world terrain and render properly with everything else in game.